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Producer Alejo Castro

Alejo Castro of Volcán Azul
Wolff Coffee Roasters are always so proud of their producers. This is one thing that in an ever-changing industry, will always stay the same.Alejo Castro hails from Costa Rica. Here’s Alejo to tell you a little bit about himself, and about the farm he’s grown up on since he was born.About me (Alejo Castro Kahle)

I´m now sixth generation of a coffee producing and exporting family. Therefore, you can imagine that I have Coffee in my veins.

My favorite memories of my childhood were in the coffee mill, the coffee plantation and receiving the coffee in the tractor always accompanying my father. I always liked to see in the mill how the cherries and the parchment beans were transported in the old mill by water. I also watched since I was little how each machine was doing some job in the process, and always loved the smell of coffee in every stage, starting with the cherries in the tractor, later in the driers and of course when roasted in the cupping lab.

Coffee is a big part of my life that has brought to my family happiness. This is why I feel the commitment to achieve excellence in our coffee quality.
About the production of coffee in our family

In the middle of the 19th century, when coffee production was in its early beginnings in America, without knowing it, two pioneers and entrepreneurs, Alejo C. Jiménez in Costa Rica and  Wilhelm Kahle in the south of Mexico,  shared the same dream: “To produce the best coffee in the world” to satisfy the new demanding European gourmet market.

More than a century has passed and today the fourth and fifth generations of descendants of these visionary farmers still produce coffee within the same ideals of excellence and top quality that inspired their ancestors. They produce one of the best pure coffees of the world with its Brand “F.C.J. Volcan Azul” on the slopes of the Poás Volcano in Costa Rica.

Today, the production process starts with the planting of the coffee trees on highly fertile volcanic soil above 1400 mts above sea level (SHB). It continues with a  meticulous process at the coffee mill and finally ends with a strict preparation of the export qualities, which are roasted to reach the final consumer.

Nowadays, the descendants of Don Alejo C. and Don Wilhelm want to enhance further the principles of quality inherited by our founders by adding the value of conservancy of natural resources, through the acquisition of extensions of natural rainforest for its protection and conservation. These facts, not just words, are small actions taken by one family to reduce air contamination and global warming. This is the contribution we want to make to mankind, this is the new awareness we want to inherit to our future generations to inherit.

You can meet Alejo all throughout the day at the Specialty Coffee Festival. He’ll be hosting cupping forums with Coffee Quality Manager Kelsey Carr.
Be sure to book in before spaces fill up!
Check out our Facebook Events page and book your ticket to secure your place. Tickets are FREE for all cupping forums on that day.

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